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Creator of the Original Cabinet Hardware Jig and 20+ years of designing innovative, cabinet hardware tools. Learn more about True Position Tools here.


True Position Tools is a family owned business located in Southern California. We have proudly made high-quality, specialty woodworking tools in the USA for more than 20 years. In 1997, out of frustration for lack of quality hand tools for installing cabinets, company founder Tad Kohler invented the Original Cabinet Hardware Jig. True Position Tools was born and now produces hand tools for both Professional Tradesmen and DIY’ers.

More than two decades later, True Position Tools has proudly designed and manufactured 10,000+ jigs, saving countless hours of labor and costly redo’s. Tad’s son James has been directing the company since 2005 with a background in sales and marketing, while his other son Paul joined in 2014, with a background in 3D modeling and photography.

True Position Tools now employs several full-time staff while enjoying relationships spanning two decades with multiple CNC machining plants, who manufacture products for large Aerospace companies.

Mission Statement

True Position Tools: Design and manufacture the most accurate, high quality and long-lasting tools in the USA.

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