Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a categorized list of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact True Position Tools customer support here.

Order and Shipping Questions

Some of our shipping is processed through Once Amazon processes and ships your order, you will receive an email containing tracking information.

If it has been more than a few business days and you have not received an email from Value Tools USA with tracking information, please contact us here or call 760-279-3033 with your name and 5-digit order ID and we will check our systems to see the current status of your order.

We will happily provide a refund for any item purchased on our webstore and returned to us within 60 days of purchase date. Please send it to the address below and we will provide a full refund once received. Please ensure your 5-digit Order ID is on the return label so we may find it in our system.

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The best option to purchase either the Cabinet Hardware Jig (TP-1934) or Cabinet Hardware Jig + (TP-1935) is through Amazon or eBay. If that does not work for you, please contact us here with your preferred shipping address for a shipping quote. Please note: this option may incur significant shipping charges.

Carrying Case Questions

Press on the drill bit shank until the bit “snaps” into the case slot. For best results be sure that the case is lying flat on a sturdy surface.

The case was intentionally molded with a free placement design, which allows you to return the jig to the case after use without removing the base attachments or having to set them in an exact location on the T-Square. There is a molded square on the top half of the case that closes over the jig to ensure the fit remains quite snug while being transported.

Refer to the image below:

TP-1935 Cabinet Hardware Jig with Case Product Call Out
TP-1935 Cabinet Hardware Jig with Case Product Call Out

Cabinet Hardware Jig Questions

Not at all! This tool is very easy to use and designed to take the frustration out of hardware installation for the homeowner and cabinet professional alike. It is used by many professionals due to the extreme time savings, unrivaled accuracy, and durable build quality.

For cabinet handles larger than this 12″, purchase the Cabinet Hardware Jig MAX (TP-CHJ-MAX) to install hardware up to 38″ (960mm).

If you already own the Original Cabinet Hardware Jig (TP-CHJ), you can upgrade to the MAX with the Long Pull & Rapid Center Combo (TP-CHJ-LPRC).

For even longer pulls, multiple jigs can be conjoined via thumb screws to drill for any length of handle.

Yes! Every part of the tool is either covered under warranty or can be purchased separately. We have many commonly needed replacement parts available on our website. Please contact us here or call 760-279-3033 if you are having trouble finding the part you need.

Top (large) stop and T-square parts are only available as a set, as they need to be precision-mated in-house to a tolerance of .001” square for us to be able to guarantee their accuracy.

Yes! Just set up the tool for one door and you can flip and drill for the next. We recommend checking that your thumbscrews are still tight before drilling the next hole.

Yes, our Cabinet Hardware Jigs now include our new Shaker Drawer Spacers (TP-CHJ-SDS), so installing hardware on Shaker drawer fronts has never been easier.  Our specialized jig is the only tool available that can accurately and quickly help you install handles on the inset panel of drawers.

For more information, see our guide on Shaker drawer hardware placement.

If you previously purchased a Cabinet Hardware Jig and it did not come with Shaker Drawer Spacers, they are available for purchase

Always make sure to start with a sharp drill bit. Generally chipping is not an issue with the provided drill bit. Extra precautions include taping the work surface with blue painters tape. For melamines and veneers, consider using a brad point bit.

True Position Tools has high-quality 5mm brad point drill bits available for purchase in our store.

Always use a sharp drill bit and relieve chips as you drill by pulling the drill out of the workpiece as it’s running to spin off excess wood chips. Do not apply much pressure while drilling, especially at the end of the hole. Holding or clamping a sacrificial block of scrap wood against the back of the door while you drill is recommended for extra protection against blowout.

In most cases, the screw head covers any minimal blowout. In extreme cases, where a screw head would not cover minimal chipping from the exit of the drill, users will drill the hole halfway with a standard drill bit, then use a tapered drill bit to finish the hole. To prevent drilling injuries, always be aware of where your hands are positioned.

1/2″ width — The small and large end stops can also be reversed if extra clearance is needed. 


16″ — Be advised, it’s typically not preferred to place hardware on the center of a large drawer front as it can make it more difficult to open. In most cases, placing the hardware more towards the top of the drawer front is desired for operation and aesthetics. 

Over the years, many! Changes to the jig include a larger top stop, more durable thumb screws, a redesigned end stop, and extending the bottom rail of the T-square by approximately 1”. We now also laser etch the numbers into the jig, where before we screen printed them over the aluminum T-Square.  In recent years, the tool has started shipping in a hard plastic case instead of a cardboard box. 

Every Cabinet Hardware Jig now includes an Accessory Kit that contains Hardware Spacing Pins, Shaker Drawer Spacers, and Magnetic Bushing Covers.

Bushing Questions

Rarely, they are extremely durable. Our bushings are engineered to last at least 10,000 holes and made with case-hardened steel. If  you manage to wear out a set of bushings, you are officially in our 1% club. Less than 1% of  our users have ever needed replacement bushings; it’s actually quite an honor to wear them out!

Yes, and we prefer you do! Our bushings are backed by a lifetime warranty so feel free to drill through them without fear of them wearing out. Some users prefer to pre-drill the hole with the Cabinet Hardware Jig and finish without the it on the door to increase drill bit and bushing lifespan. We recommend drilling directly through the jig and relieving chips often to prevent blowout in the back of the cabinet.

Just let us know your name and address! We are happy to send you a pack of replacement bushings free of charge. Once processed, you should receive the bushings within 3-5 business days. To replace bushing, simply press in new bushing with a vice and use a block of wood with a relief hole for the old bushing to exit. Please contact us here or call 760-279-3033 with your name and shipping address and we will take care of the rest!

Absolutely! The reason our bushings are 5mm is that this is the most versatile hole size for cabinet hardware and interior boring. The majority of cabinet hardware manufacturers recommend a 3/16” bit for a standard #8 hardware screw. The 5mm drill is .009” larger than 3/16” or three human hairs larger. Each of these drill diameters will be noticeably larger than #8 screw, but for good reason. Often you will find the slightest variations in panel width, door squareness or un-true hardware. This minimal increased hole diameter then allows for the finest adjustment to make the handle symmetrical with the opposite door or line up a handle exactly parallel on a drawer front.

What’s great about the 5mm bit is that you can then use the same jig and drill bit for shelf pins, hinge plates, drawer slides, etc. This minimal increase in size opens up the tool to extreme versatility at the cost of something not visible to the human eye. That being said, if you have a rare type of hardware that is very thin, you may consider using the tool to mark hole location and drill with a smaller bit.  We also offer various bushing sizes to replace your bushings to a smaller or even larger diameter if you have these custom hardware types come up frequently. Less than 1% of users have a need for different  diameter bushings in their cabinet hardware jig. 

The Sliding Drill Guide (TP-SDG) bushings are 1/2” deep and the T-square bushing is ¼” deep.

There is a negligible difference between 3/16” and 5mm (.009”) yet it provides a massive versatility increase. (shelf pin holes, hinge plates etc.) For a more thorough answer, please see question “My handle hardware is not 5mm, is that okay?”

5mm is the industry standard but we do offer bushings in several other sizes besides 5mm. Other bushing sizes available are ¼”, 11/64”, and 4mm. The cost for a one-off Cabinet Hardware Jig (TP-1934) with different bushings is list pricing ($199) plus any applicable taxes, shipping, and a $20 custom order fee. Please contact us directly at 760-279-3033 and we will happily process a custom order for you over the phone.

Puck/Strip Light Jig Questions

The Puck Light Jig comes with 2-1/4” and 2-1/8” Forstner bits, which will accommodate approximately 90% of the puck lights on the market. We recommend Richelieu, Hafele, Tresco, or Wurth for quality puck lights.

Unfortunately, using this tool requires that you drill everything for the puck or strip lights before the cabinets are hung.