True Position Tools was founded in 1996 by a frustrated cabinetmaker, Tad Lostlen. Like many cabinetmakers Tad was tired of making wood jigs to install cabinet hardware. Having to stop and make wood jigs that rapidly wore out grew tiresome very quickly. Hardware installation was always the bottleneck to finishing every single job. Making a jig for each different handle spacing resulted sometimes in 5-7 jigs per job, and then remaking them as they wore out. Make jig. Wear out Jig. Remake jig. The final straw occurred shortly after some lengthy, frustrating hardware installs on some expensive kitchen cabinets. Using a slightly worn wood jig caused the handles to be just crooked enough to be noticeable. The doors were now trash and had to be remade before getting the final payment on the job.  “That’s it!” he thought, “I’ve had enough of this!”  After countless searches for an existing tool that would be adjustable enough to eliminate the need to make a wood jig or measure a hardware placement by hand, he found none. So, he did what any sensible entrepreneur would, he set out to create one!

After two years of experimenting with countless designs, he finally arrived at the simplest design possible, the T Square. He developed a design that would adjust to any hardware spacing from a knob all the way up to a 38″ handle, and True Position Tools was born.

When Tad began using this prototype on his kitchen jobs, fellow cabinetmakers could not believe their eyes. It was a cabinet jig so fast, so simple and yet so precise. He had not only solved the problem, he knocked it out of the park! – If we don’t mind saying so ourselves!

Upon seeing Tad install hardware in an entire house in minutes, they had to have the jig. There was no going back to the tedious, stressful method.

Fast forward a couple of decades and we now proudly manufacture over ten thousand time saving jigs each year right here in Southern California. Tad’s son James has been directing the company since 2005 with a background in sales and marketing, and his other son Paul finally caved in and joined in 2014, adding much help from his background with 3D modeling and photography.

True Position Tools now employs several full-time employees along with 20+ years relationships with multiple CNC machining plants who manufacture products for large Aerospace companies. We are always hard at work on new products that save time and make life easier. Our most recent product is a revolutionary cabinet light jig that drastically reduces the time required to install cabinet lighting.



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