How to Assure You Get Cabinet Hardware Installation Right, the First Time

T Bar Cabinet Pulls on Kitchen Shaker Style Doors and Drawers

The investment you put into your home is a significant one. From the initial cost of the home itself to upgrades and repairs, homeownership means expenses.

Among the highest expenditures are your cabinets. Kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas inside your home have cabinets, but especially in the kitchen, your cabinets are your centerpiece and they have to be perfect. The type of wood chosen, the paint and stain colors, and of course the hardware all have to come together to create the focal point of your space. When the tool you choose to install your cabinet and drawer hardware is not precise, the error – and cost can and will be substantial. For instance, if your cabinet door template is 1/8” off center, when you flip that over to adjoining door, your error will be doubled. That will make a visible 1/4“ misalignment of the two handles. As hardware gets longer, the mistakes are magnified even further. The bottom line is unless you want to pay for mistakes; you only have one chance to get it right.

That’s where True Position Tools come in. Whether you are a contractor or you approach the project on a DIY capacity, our jig tools will assure that you are accurate and your job is done with precision. That means no re-do’s, no starting over, and most importantly – no additional costs for new doors or drawers. Plus, you avoid the frustration of spending unnecessary time meticulously fighting with getting everything just right. You can finally put an end to crooked hardware. Doesn’t that sound great?

True Position Tools has invested over 2 decades of research and development into our cabinet hardware jig, with constant product improvements along the way. Over that time we have tested and continue to test, the other cabinet hardware jigs available. In the end, we found that every single other cabinet hardware jig out there was simply inferior. They are either made with shoddy materials and produce inaccurate measurements, or they are just too limited in use be a helpful addition to your tool box.

Our cabinet hardware jigs are made in the USA, machined with precision unlike any other tool available, and crafted from the absolute highest quality materials available which no other tool can boast. True Position Tools calibrates every unit we make to .001” squareness, which ensures accurate drilling every time. True Position Tools are also unique in that there is no clamping needed.

One last thing to remember is that we guarantee our tool to be completely accurate. Our precision guarantee means that if this isn’t one of the best, most precise tools you have ever owned, you can return it to us for a replacement or refund within 60 days. We stand behind our products and want you to have complete confidence!

So now that you know all the facts, understand how True Position Tools work, what makes them superior to other brands, and how you can save time and money, you’re all set to tackle that cabinet project you’ve had on the to-do list. If at any time you have questions or need a little assistance, our website is a great place for resources and our YouTube Channel has great videos that will walk you through the process.

Happy drilling!