How to Use the Rapid Center Extension

Simple instruction for installing knobs on a drawer front using the Rapid Center Extension (TP-CHJ-RC)

1. Use the Rapid Center Extension when installing hardware on multiple drawers with the same dimensions

2. Set each ruler at the 5” mark to extend the length of ruler to 22”
3. Measure drawer width to find center

4. Set the End Stop to half of the drawer width

5. Place hardware (measure as needed) to find position you like; mark hole location with pencil (We are centering on width and height)
6. Measure mark from step 5, set Large Stop to measurement, and tighten (Our drawer height is 6” so we set our Large Stop at 3”)

7. For knobs: drill through center bushing

For handles: measure hardware and tighten Drill Guides to match hardware measurement then drill

8. ALTERNATE CONFIG – If your handle pattern interferes with Double Bracket, move bracket below T-square and align each ruler at the 2” mark as pictured above