Cabinet Hardware Jig w/ Case - Template For Installation Of Handles And Knobs On Doors And Drawers

Install Knobs and Handles without the tedious hours of measuring or making jigs – Fast, accurate hardware installation in seconds, every time.

5 out of 5 based on 14 customer ratings
(14 customer reviews)


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Install Hardware In 3 Easy Steps

Reversible for speedy drilling

Drawer front hardware made easy!

Versatile Add-Ons

Install Hardware In 3 Easy Steps!

Set hardware spacing​

Adjust to desired location​

Hold in place and drill!​

Reversible for speedy drilling

Drawer front hardware made easy!

Versatile Add-Ons

  • Fastest and most accurate jig on the market
  • No clamping or marking, just hold in place and drill!
  • Reversable for L or R drilling
  • Durable hardened aluminum with lifetime warranty on hardened steel bushings
  • Made in the USA


For professional installation of handles and knobs. The TP-1934 is the highest quality modular cabinet hardware jig on the market. Designed for the installation of a wide range of handles & knobs, from 16mm C-C pulls all the way up to 38” pulls, or 32mm system holes. Locating holes on door and drawer fronts has never been easier. An invaluable tool for the cabinet installer. Simply slide guides and stop along Imperial/Metric rulers, tighten thumb screws and drill. TP-1934 is the core unit of the complete drilling system (TP-1935). Includes standard 5MM drill bit (approx. 3/16-Inch). Durable lightweight aluminum with case hardened steel bushings. Made in USA.


  • T-Square w/ Center Bushing​
  • Large Stop
  • 2x Sliding Drill Guides
  • Sliding End Stop
  • 5mm Drill Bit
  • Blow Molded Carrying Case


Instructions and Brochures

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Review of Cabinet Hardware Jig w/ Case - Template For Installation Of Handles And Knobs On Doors And Drawers
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Average Score: 5 (14 ratings)
This is a MUST-HAVE tool!

I’ve installed cabinet hardware every once-in-awhile and got by with the plastic templates, measure, mark, drill and install. I recently got a job in a multi-million dollar home with more that 160 drawer/cabinet pulls. I decided to get this jig template and am very glad I did!
You set it up once, go from door to door/drawer to drawer(of same size and positioning) set jig on door/drawer, drill, install and move on.
I also purchased the TP-ERA Extended Ruler Attachment; TP-2312 Long Hardware Extensions; and the carrying case. I highly recommend you get these accessories as well. As you can see in pics I had some wide drawers and the accessories were a must!
If you are thinking about a similar knock-off, DON’T! Get this and the accessories, you will not regret it.

Finally a profession tool for large pulls, speed and accuracy!

I’m a professional renovation contractor. My biggest fear is drilling hole is expensive cabinets that I just installed and putting them in the wrong place. Also when I have twenty or so handles to install the more repetition I can do, the faster I can get done. This jig, ( actually a tool as jig is to unkind a description) allows for accuracy, repetition, and no errors ( if you’re paying attention!). The best thing is that you can set up to center a pull or knob on a set of drawers and even if the depth of the drawer front changes you will still be centered, just reset for the depth. I just installed a bunch of cabs that had a 6x 20 drawer up top and on 6 different cabs and 2-10×10 drawers under the top drawer. I did all the upper 6″ drawers, then reset set for the 10’s. All of them came out perfectly centered and all were the same dimension down on each set of cabs. The trick is to make sure all the cabs draw front are lined up and index from the same side of al the drawers. I also used a laser to take the mid pointy of the top drawer and transfer it to the lower drawers. So if the drawer fronts were slightly misaligned you couldn’t tell visually.
Also this was the only tool ( jig) that works with wide spread handles. I was working with 10″ wide pulls and I think it can go to 12″ or larger.

Stop reading and buy it!

Best tool I have purchased in years!

This is probably the best tool I have purchased in years. When I first saw the price tag vs. the basic products you can buy, I was a little shocked… however, let me tell you – it’s worth every penny and more.
We just purchased a new home that had no pre-drilled holes (our choice)
I had to drill holes for kitchen, butlers pantry and 4 bathrooms – 130 cabinets and drawers.

Kitchen were all pulls (2 holes) and bathrooms were single knobs.
The tool saved me at least a full day of measuring and re-measuring.
Template is easy to use, easy to setup for any length (we did some long pulls 256mm in kitchen)

Biggest bonus… once you have done the left door, flip it over and it’s alreasy setup for the right door.. amazing design.
Highly recommend this tool.

Tip 1 – Read the instructions fully, I jumped the gun and my first measure setting was wrong as I did not read which side of the base (top or bottom) was the one to set the measurement on.

Tip 2 – when drilling 2 hole pulls, put a piece of painters tape over the center (knob) hole do you don’t accidentally drill that as your second hole (whoops)

A must buy for large kitchens.

Absolutely a life safer…well large time saver in any case. I order this after my wife had ordered a $6 plastic template that didn’t fit our handles. It seems our handles were a bit oddball with a center spacing of 4 and about a 1/3″ from center to center. We have a lot of cabinets and with this product I was able to do our top doors in 15 minutes. Our bottom drawers took a while longer as finding the center was a bit more difficult, but they all turned out great!

The handles themselves are not always straight as they are a wrought iron type that aren’t perfect. That’s more of the handle issue, but this product is very sturdy and tough.

No Mistakes. Quick Setup. Once set for the Doors, Do 1 or 10 same for the doors.

It is by far the fastest way to set handles and pulls. Record time and no mistakes. Didn’t think it would be anywhere worth the money. I was wrong. worth every penny. From small to large kitchens your return on investment is within the first door and draw. Recommended. Oh I recommend this. Have done 2 major jobs and extremely happy. Thank You

Worth every dime

Greatest tool ever

So much better than the plastic templates!

I struggled over whether or not to spend this much money on a template to only use on the cabinets I just purchased through however, after spending $12,000 on those cabinets, I did not want to trust a cheap plastic template on the job.

So happy I made the decision to get this jig. I decided where I wanted the handles, marked the center of the area I wanted it in, put the jig on the door, lining up the center mark with the center mark on the jig both horizontally and vertically. I tightened down the plates so it would be set in that position. I then covered the center hole so I wouldn’t accidentally drill that hole out. I placed the jig on the door and drilled. The handles fit perfect. I was surprised that the drill bit that came with the jig did not severely blow out the back side of the hole. The screw head covered any minor blow out.

I went along and drilled the holes and the hubby followed up with the handles, sort of a short assembly line. By the way, I am a 68 year old woman and the hubby is 73. If we can use this with success, anyone can. If it doesn’t work for you, you must be doing it wrong.

Some said it only came in a cardboard case, but I received a hard plastic case with a future spot for an attachment that allows you to place adjustable holes for shelves. Something I might want to purchase later.

Excellent buy. Would recommend if you have to place a lot (83) of handles on your cabinets and want to make sure you don’t screw it up, get this jig!

A must if you're installing a bunch of new cabinet pull bars in a renovated kitchen or bath

Made the job easy and the aligment perfect. You’ll need the extention if you’re going for the custom look of 12″ bar pulls like we did in our new house!

The last drilling guide I’ll have to buy

First drilling tool i didnt have to use a tape measure on. By far the best Ive used. Perfect placement of handles which is a must with 6” and longer

Must have for professional or novice use...

Highly recommend… 49 handles installed in 4 hours almost perfect alignment… Just double check what side your handles are to be located, this was so easy to use I got in a hurry and made one mistake… Luckily my cabinet guy can fill and stain my error so I got lucky… Buy in confidence…

Simply the best

Tried a few other cheap jigs. I still use a clamp with this.. but.. well.. 38 pulls in 4 hours, if you got a lot of pulls to put on, you need these. Don’t waste time with kreg or the knockoffs. THIS is where it’s as.

The best for hardware installation in the field

We install cabinets for a living and do 3-6 full house installs a week. Perfect install each time.

High quality fit and finish.

This is a high quality jig with excellent fit and finish and accuracy. I’ve always either used a couple of combination squares or a shop made jig for knobs and handles but this thing saves so much time and is dead nuts accurate. Should have bought it a long time ago.

Worth every penny.

I love this tool. It makes doing hardware so much faster. I do whole houses over 3000 sq ft in about 3 to 4 hrs. And 12000+ sq ft homes in under a day vs a few days. This jig is precise and flawless in design.