Long Cabinet Drawer Handle Installation

Simple instruction for installing large handles on wide drawers with the TP-1934 Cabinet Hardware Jig + TP-2312 Extension Set + TP-ERA Extended Ruler Attachment

1. Line up center of one end of hardware hole with edge of drawer front and measure from opposite end of drawer to center of other hardware hole (our measurement is 21”)
2. Set Sliding End Stop on Extended Ruler at half the measurement from step 1 (ours is 10½)
3. Place hardware on Extension Bars and mark holes to be drilled with tape
4. Attach the Ruler to the Bar; set 0 mark on Ruler with marked hole on Bar. If 0 mark does not work, use another digit – 10” mark makes for easy math
5. Measure height of drawer and set Large Stop to desired location (our drawer height is 6” so we set our Large Stop at 3”)
6. Hold stops firmly against top and side of drawer. Drill through marked holes and install hardware