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Kitchen cabinet drawers handle pulls

Adding pull handles to your cabinet drawers can give any room a modern or traditional look-and-feel. Once you’ve decided on the specific style of pull handles you want on your cabinets, it’s time to get them installed. And guess what? Adding drawer handles doesn’t have to be done by a professional. In fact, you can easily and accurately install them yourself!

The thing about installing cabinet drawer handles is they only need to look like they were done by a professional. But you don’t need to pay a hefty price for that job. You yourself can actually install cabinet drawer handles with absolute precision and accuracy – All your friends and family will think you really did pay someone else to do the job. 

To get the perfect drawer handle install done, not just any tool will do. Because a simple cabinet hardware mistake can end up costing you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. But with the right cabinet hardware tool, you can add your own drawer pulls without worrying about making any errors. 

These easy-to-follow steps and tips will help you install cabinet drawer handles like a pro.

Using a Cabinet Hardware Jig or Template to Install Your Drawer Handles

Before getting started with installing your cabinet drawer handles, you’ll need to decide which hardware tool is best to use. Most people think the most important step when it comes to installing cabinet hardware is the measurements. However, it’s actually selecting the best tool for the job. A good rule of thumb to follow when selecting your install tool is this: A low-quality tool results in low-quality work. But a cabinet hardware tool that is created with precision and durable materials will give you the best work. And really, no one wants uneven cabinet drawer handles

There are two tool options out there – Cabinet Hardware Jigs and Templates. Each of these help you install cabinet drawer hardware, but each brings a very different quality of work to the table (or in this case, to the cabinet).

generic cabinet hardware installation template


Templates are fixed patterns that can either be made at home (homebuilt) or store-bought. The materials used to make templates are of low quality, therefore the costs tend to be cheap. Homebuilt templates are made from MDF board or scrap plywood and are limited to one option for installing cabinet hardware for one specific size and dimension. 

Store-bought templates are usually made of plastic. Similar to homebuilt templates they lack customization and adaptability. Despite having a few options for hole marking to help you decide where to place the knobs, they tend to only work with commonly available sizes of cabinet hardware. If you’re placing hardware outside of a set range, your template will not work. 

One of the biggest drawbacks to using templates is they tend to have a very limited lifespan. That’s because the more a template is used, the more the marking holes will enlarge over the course of each project, leading to immediate issues such as imprecise hole placement. And imprecise hole placement results in uneven knobs.

The Cabinet Hardware Jig ORIGINAL

The Cabinet Hardware Jig ORIGINAL (TP-CHJ) is completely adjustable and customizable. With this reliable tool, pull handles can be mounted with the signature T-square frame. That means you only need one of the True Position Tools Cabinet Hardware Jigs to work for any type of cabinet drawer size and handle dimensions. Constructed from hardened aluminum and squares to within one-one thousandth of an inch, this design leads to complete accuracy and precision.

Pro Tip:

The Cabinet Hardware Jig ORIGINAL is made with only the highest-quality materials making it the most accurate jig on the market. But not every jig on the market is held to these same standards. Many jigs imitate the ORIGINAL - They are made with cheap, plastic materials and result in unsquared, inaccurate measurements.

Other Benefits of Using The Cabinet Hardware Jig ORIGINAL for Installing Cabinet Drawer Handles:

  • The Cabinet Hardware Jig ORIGINAL (TP-CHJ) is infinitely adjustable. This top-rated jig enables complete flexibility in your hardware choices and placement. 
  • Hardened steel bushings serve as drill guides and enable you to drill through them. This helps you keep the drill bit exactly where you want it. 
  • The jig works easily on any style cabinet drawer and any size pull handles. 
  • Save time and money by only using one cabinet hardware tool that gets the job done the first time around.

Choosing and Placing Your Drawer Pull Handles

When it comes to cabinet hardware placement, it’s also important to decide where specifically on the cabinet drawer to place your pull handles and which size pull handles to use. 

Where: When the height of your drawer front is greater than 12’’ we recommend placing your pull handle toward the top of the drawer front. 

Size: With heavier and larger drawers, consider using one large pull handle. Generally the pull handles should be ⅓ of the cabinet drawer width to ⅔ of the width or greater. 

Once you know where to install door handles, it’s time to get started.

Easy Steps for Knowing How To Install Cabinet Drawer Handles

Hand Placing cabinet hardware handle on drawer front

1. Place the cabinet hardware (measure as needed) to find the position you like. Center the pull handle on width and height.

tape measure measuring cabinet hardware handle TP 1934 Cabinet Hardware Jig

2. Measure the hole centers. Using your Cabinet Hardware Jig, adjust and tighten the Sliding Drill Guides. Cover the unused bushing with tape in order to prevent accidental drilling.

Tape Measure on cabinet drawer front

3. Using a tape measure, measure the drawer width to find the center.

TP 1934 marking center on cabinet drawer front

4. Use half of the measurement from Step 3 to mark the center on top of the drawer.

tape measuring height on cabinet drawer front

5. Measure the height of the drawer front with your tape measure.

TP 1934 Cabinet hardware jig height adjustment

6. Take your Cabinet Hardware Jig and set the Large Stop to half of the measurement from Step 5.

TP 1934 centered kitchen cabinet drawer front drilling

7. With your Cabinet Hardware Jig, line up the notch on the Large Stop with your mark from Step 4. Then drill.

kitchen cabinet drawer front installed handle pull

Common Questions

Do I need to be a cabinet professional to use the Cabinet Hardware Jig? 

No, this cabinet hardware jig is straightforward and makes installing cabinet drawer handles easy. It’s all designed with you in mind. Whether you are learning how to install drawer handles over the weekend or regularly work with cabinet hardware installations, you’ll save time and money with our jig. 

What is the deepest drawer front I can center the Cabinet Hardware Jig on?

16″. We recommend placing your cabinet drawer handles towards the top of the drawer front, rather than the center. This will make the drawer easier to open and adds to the aesthetic appeal. 

What are the minimum door stile and rails I can center on?

½’’ is the minimum cabinet drawer stile and rails you can center on with a Cabinet Hardware Jig. The small and large end stops on the jig can even be reversed when extra clearance is needed. 

What is the maximum handle size I can install with the Cabinet Hardware Jig?

12” CC (300mm). Need to install cabinet drawer handles larger than this? The Cabinet Hardware Jig MAX (TP-CHJ-MAX) installs hardware up to 38’’ (960mm). If you have pull handles outside of this range, multiple jigs can be connected with thumbscrews to drill for any length you need.

How long is your bushing warranty?

We offer a lifetime bushing warranty. We’ll gladly send you a pack of replacement bushings free of charge if you ever need them. Bushings typically ship and arrive within 3 to 5 business days. 

Have more questions about How To Install Cabinet Drawer Handles and other cabinet hardware needs? Check out our FAQ Page.

Install Drawer Handles Like a Pro

Easily and efficiently install your cabinet drawer handles like a pro. At True Position tools, we put the power of tools into your hands. Cabinet hardware placement and high-quality specialty woodworking tools have been our game for more than 20 years. Our Cabinet Hardware Jigs will help you install your drawer handles perfectly every time. All True Position Tool Products are made in the USA. 

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