TP-1935 Cabinet Hardware Jig + Extension Set for Long Handles, Shelf Pins + TP-ERA w/ Case

5 out of 5 based on 8 customer ratings
(8 customer reviews)

The TP-1935 is our complete hardware drilling solution for hardware up to 38” C-C, plus the bonus of shelf pin holes.

  • Install hardware up to 38" C-C (960mm)
  • Included TP-ERA (Extended Ruler Attachment) provides a stop for drawer fronts up to 42" wide
  • Case included - Rigid plastic case with stainless steel clasps and handle for easy transport
  • Doubles as a portable 32mm shelf pin jig
  • Reversible for speedy drilling - Simply flip tool over for repeated settings on door fronts
  • Made in the USA


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Long Hardware Made Easy

up to 38" c-c

quick, Easy centering on drawer fronts

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hardware max 38" C-C

drawer fronts max width 42"

portable shelf pin holes


The TP-1935 is our complete hardware drilling solution for hardware up to 38” C-C, plus the bonus of shelf pin holes. This is the hardware solution you have been dreaming about! Includes items TP-1934, TP-2312 and TP-ERA, making it the must have professional hardware installation tool. It is the only jig of its kind, addressing virtually every handle on the market as well as the added bonus of installing shelf pins on the go!

Install Knobs and Handles without the tedious hours of measuring or making jigs – Fast, accurate hardware installation in seconds, every time. Adjust the sliding guides along the laser etched rulers (inch & mm) to precisely match your hardware location and measurements. Tighten the thumbscrews and drill through the hardened bushings, no clamp needed! Reversible design allows you to flip the tool over to the next door without adjustment. Includes additional guide for drawer fronts, and end stop for doors. Install cabinet hardware in minutes, not hours!

T-Square w/ Center Bushing
Extended Ruler Attachment w/ Double Bracket
Large Stop
2x Sliding Drill Guides
Sliding End Stop
5mm Drill Bit w/ Stop Collar
Blow Molded Carrying Case

Max C-C: 38″ (960mm)
Drawers: End Stop centers on any width of drawer up to 42″ depth
Doors: Centers on Stile and Rail minimum width 1/2″
Jig Body Material: Durable aircraft quality anodized aluminum
Bushings: 3x 5mm case hardened steel, Lifetime Warranty
Weight: 4.05 lbs
Notice: Proposition 65

Precision Guarantee

Our “Precision Guarantee” promise is that each jig we produce is created to our exact specifications, with the highest quality American parts. We have meticulously refined professional grade components and a proprietary aerospace manufacturing process that makes accuracy its primary focus. We adhere to strict measurements and fine craftsmanship on our end because we know our customers value it on theirs. And we insist on extra time to test and precisely align each jig prior to shipping. Our goal is for everyone who purchases our jigs to experience unequaled precision and premium quality, along with measurable time and cost savings in using a superior tool. If you receive your hardware jig and feel that it’s not one of the best products you’ve ever purchased, return it to True Position Tools within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.

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Review of TP-1935 Cabinet Hardware Jig w/ Case - Template For Installation Of Handles And Knobs On Doors And Drawers
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Average Score: 5 (8 ratings)
This thing is amazing. If you need to drill more than a ...

This thing is amazing. If you need to drill more than a few doors then it is worth every penny. I bought it only for one project, my kitchen, knowing that my precision drilling is a little lacking. Drilling into your cabinets incorrectly can cause serious cosmetic problems as well, so I figured it was relatively cheap insurance. I drilled every single hole perfectly, about 100. I was even going to sell it on ebay when I was done but no way, I’ll have this forever.

Awesome Tool

I am a finish carpenter, have been doing carpentry work for over twenty years and this is a tool I should have invested in years ago. By far the best cabinet door jig I’ve used to date. Was easy to set up, kept my drill bit straight and prevent flair out on back side of hole when using drill bit stop. I was able to cut my handle installation in half. Well built tool and durable, seems like it will last for years. My only gripe about this tool is the carrying case, it’s card board would love for it to be some material more durable. I’m figuring if I keep by itself away from the other tools it will be fine. Thanks for a great tool Made in America.

Best Knob & Handle Jig EVER!!!

I own a Kitchen & Bath Showroom, we average 1 kitchen & 1 bath ever week. This tool is by far the best Jig we have ever used. Have more than a dozen other jigs collecting dust now. So if you are looking for a jig don’t look any further, yes this jig is a little more expensive, It is the BEST. By the way, Value Tools, USA provided the most amazing customer service.

Easy to use Jig

This jig take all the tedious work out of installing cabinet hardware. Just a little measuring and setting and you are ready to go weather installing one, twenty or a hundred. I have several type jigs but this tops them all.

This thing is built like a surgical instrument.

I had about 30 handles to install on my new kitchen & pantry cabinets. Ten were 7 inches on cabinet doors (all the same) and the rest were 13 inch pull handles on 30 and 36 inch drawers. The lower drawer faces are inset about 3/8 in from the frames (Shaker style) so that made 4 variations of drawer set-ups. I’m not an installer, just doing my own install in my own house. If I goof up a door or drawer front it would take a month to get a replacement and the cost would be most of what this tool cost. The tool worked better than I expected. I read the reviews so, I made sure the thumb screws were very snug and checked them frequently while using it. What would have taken me all day ended up taking about 70 minutes start to finish. Everything turned out perfect. This thing is built like a surgical instrument. It does exactly what the manufacturer says it will. Personally I consider the price to be a bargain.

Pays for itself

Labor is not cheap in the big city, this tool will pay for itself after a couple of jobs. Then it will make me money for the next 20 years. Best product on the market!

Great tool

Best hardware install tool we have ever used in 10 years doing remodels.

This jig is the best I’ve ever seen

I am a professional cabinet installer. This jig is the best I’ve ever seen. Highly recommend it.